About Bryce LeVan Cushing


Bryce LeVan Cushing believes that this culture has become too attached to physical items and external power. He chooses to smash the objects that people covet and convert them into recycled art objects. His sculptures have shown and sold around the world. He is currently represented by N2galeria, which shows his work extensively in Europe.

Cushing considers himself part of the third gender movement and is an art shaman in recovery from exposure to the American consumerism conspiracy. He is also a natural foods chef and is the executive chef behind Supper at the Diner at Miss Bellows Falls in Vermont.

In 1973, Cushing was born to a minister father and mother team, in Englewood, Colorado. He had a very unstable and troubled childhood, as his parents divorced when he was six. His father moved his family (Cushing and his two sisters) to rural Montana, where he took a post at a small church in Absarokee.

In 1988, at the age of 15, Cushing declared himself out of the gay closet. At that time, he was working on the Lazy EL Ranch in Roscoe, Montana. The ranch was founded by Malcom Mackay and housed many original works by the artist Charles M. Russell. Cushing also worked at the famous Grizzly Bar and Den, where he learned the value of hard work and began his training to become a chef.

Cushing moved to Tucson, Arizona and attended prep school at University High School. While in Tucson he worked as a professional actor and was an member of the activist group Act-Up Tucson. Bryce worked for several years at Cafe Terra Cotta during this time, one of the best French/Southwestern restaurants in the country, under the direction of Charleen Badman. Here his work in the culinary arts developed and he catered parties for famous actors such as Willy Nelson.

In 1992, Cushing started experiencing visionary dreams in meditations and decided to go on a spiritual search to find his gay identity. This lead him to the activist group, the Radical Faeries. Bryce marched with them on Washington and soon after attended his first Radical Faerie gathering at Short Mountain, Tennessee. He was introduced to, and became friends with, founder Harry Hay.

Cushing worked as a model, garden designer and chef for 10 years in Philadelphia, while with partner/photographer, Peter Lien. He also performed and recorded with his band Karma Ex Machina (produced by NYC PR Exec Ethan Geto) while working as a producer up and down the East Coast. It was during this time that he operated his successful avant-garde theatre troupe MoonFire Tower and worked with NYC stars: Joey Arias, Earl Dax, Sherry Vine, Needles Jones, Raven O, Glenn Marla, John Kelly, Christopher Makos and Hunt Slonem. As the character MoonFire Tower, Cushing recorded his underground hit, The Night I Fell For Joey Arias, and was influenced extensively by his long term mentor.

In 2000, after a break-up with Lien, Cushing moved to Buffalo, New York where he became an antique dealer and opened his first shop. Under the direction of Andrew Gay of the Stock Exchange (Buffalo, NY), Cushing began doing clean-outs, buyouts and estate liquidations for several years. This is when he discovered his inner talents as a sculptor and began smashing his overstock to produced his present medium's style.

His sculpting career took off quickly and he has executed shows coast to coast in the U.S. at venues such as: The Niagara Falls Arts and Cultural Center, The DeGrazia Museum (Tucson, AZ), Le Petite Versailles (NYC), MarketPlace Design Center (Philadelphia), badhee badhu (Philadelphia), Old Tavern At Grafton (Grafton, Vermont),and Blink Gallery (Boulder, Co). In Europe he has mounted major shows with: The Drap Art Festival (Barcelona), N3Galeria (Madrid), N2Galeria (Barcelona), Barcelona International Art Fair (SWAB) and he recently was featured at the 20th anniversary of the Barcelona Arts Association.

Bryce LeVan Cushing is one of the founding members, and treasurer, for the Grafton Valley Arts Guild, a not-for-profit marketing cooperative in the historic village of Grafton, Vermont. He works as the curator of their Cricketers Gallery. Each year he participates in the show The Exhibition at Grafton which is sponsored by the Old Tavern at Grafton and the Hunter Gallery. He won Best in Show at the exhibition in 2010 out of 150 East Coast artists.

Visit his Europeaan Website at N2Galleria